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Our AI autofills with 99% accuracy, and takes on average 1.5s to autofill one job application.

Cross Platform

Our extension supports autofill for jobs found anywhere, including Google, LinkedIn, etc.

Active Learning

EasyJobs' AI can remember your answers to new questions, and autofill similar questions in the future.

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Automatically track your job applications

No more annoying spreadsheets. EasyJobs automatically records job applications you submitted so you can view and track them all on one dashboard.

Trusted Choice of Over 800 Universities' Students and Alumni

“ The EasyJobs Chrome extension has made it so much easier to fill out applications on almost every platform. One more important feature is you can keep track of the active applications, and keep yourself updated. Overall a super platform for job seekers. ”


Junior @UCLA

“ Hands down the fastest & most precise among all of the autofill tools I have used. Literally saved me dozens of hours as I submitted more than a hundred job applications this past summer. ”


Senior @NYU

“ To be honest I have always wondered how this repetitive form filling process of job applications can be solved; was pretty surprised to discover that such a product has already been created and is working so well. Props to the developers of EasyJobs---nicely done! ”


Alumni @UW-Madison

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